Tuesday, January 5, 2010

jan 1

fri. jan 1. 2010.

i was kidnapped in front of my father. he was told that we went to go buy sparkling juice for the night's celebration. that was at 9:00pm. twenty-some minutes later i am in a friend's house downtown.

last night was real;
last night was full of actualities.
last night was brandy chased with peach soda,
watching Europa.
four people on a bed,
they left me with you.
we laughed at each other and i
called you a bastard and you
called me a bitch
and we punched each other.
eskimo kiss.
we talked about love til the sun came up;
and at nine your cat sat on my head.
i'm eighteen, and you're twentyone.
welcome to twentyten.

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