Saturday, January 9, 2010

jan 9

sat. jan 9. 2010.
if i go with you
i'd be a homebody
but i probably wouldn't start reading.
i'll knit scarves and never finish them
and all the rows will be crooked.
i'll have damned good taste in music
but no tastes of my own.
i won't have much to say.
i'll look out the window and
wish it faced west.

let's break that today; let's
stroll through the cemetary
or the aisles at meijer; let's
mutter curses under our breath
as happy couples walk by with their kids.
let's be spiteful, let's be daring.
let's be dangerous.
let's be who we want, really,
and not what we're used to.

i started filling up my hope chest today [do people do that anymore?] when i realized you wouldn't fit in there, i took out everything except for two bowls so we can eat cereal together in the mornings.

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