Friday, January 15, 2010

jan 15

fri. jan 15. 2010.

how do i convince you that life is beyond beautiful, even in its tragedy? or that to feel is a blessing, and not our curse? or that you are loved, completely? because i know you've heard all these promises, and i know they've fallen through. i can talk all i want, but you won't believe a thing. i suppose i could show you, but you'd have to see. and that's on you.

"if i let my mind blur, the static and muffled voices on the radio sound more like rain, and i can lay here pretending it's summer. the pianos playing tangos are drowned, down to a whisper.
i wish all the pointless conversation and witless banter and the sounds the world makes when it's greedy and buzzing and hopeless, would turn into summer rain."

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