Wednesday, July 28, 2010

shadow (2)

There are a lot of things I'd like to fix with these shots (the lines in the background, for instance) but I don't have adequate editing software for that.

But, what I liked about this shoot was it allowed me to shoot full body. I typically don't like to shoot full body because I can't tell how my pose is going to look. I really enjoyed playing with shapes here.

Another thing is that I feel we rely so much on concrete potraits-- we need to see a face, hands, a solid form. The face, the appearance, clothing, hair: these are all so expressive of character. Shooting a shadow, or an abstract form, character can be obscured, but emotion can be so much more vivid. Body language, posture, action, motion, and relation to environment all say so much.

To keep things short, I think this is a concept I will be exploring more frequently. Shadows and reflections (exhibited in a previous post). These just feel more candid and personal to me right now.

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  1. i really love the 1st and 3rd photos. so pretty.