Friday, August 20, 2010

today's project

hopefully i'll have enough time to do this, and enough patience, and enough honesty.

i want to get this shot before i leave for school (tomorrow)::
where i was and where i am

cliche, perhaps, but necessary i think. gavin may be helping me.
this will actually be a series and getting it done in one day will be a bit of a feat.
the series will begin with darker images, grungy but not dirty, angsty but not emo. bits of loneliness, hiding, confinement, limbs weaved and bent and strained. there will be one shot in this first part in which the subject is dance. the second part of the series will be a little lighter, determined and assured and cleansed, though not pure. there will still be a certain strain in these photos, but it will come from ambition rather than pain.

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