Tuesday, June 29, 2010


working with wire is such a challenge. it's time consuming, detailed, and frequently painful work. but the medium is so versatile.

earlier in the school year i made a wire nest for my art in the environment class. i wove that damn thing for a total of nearly twelve hours. my fingers and hands were all cut up and i looked like i had a problem. but i loved that project. not the final outcome itself, necessarily, but the process. becoming familiar with the material.

wire can be woven, bent, wrapped, exposed. it can provide structure, it can provide texture. it can be dense, imposing, choking, whimsical, natural, light.

i have so many ideas incorporating wire but they are so hard to realize. most involve wrapping or binding. i would love to be able to compose self portraits with it, because it is something very personal to me, but with my current equipment i am very limited. i would certainly be willing to execute these ideas with models, but as i said, wire takes time and patience to work with, and often pain. i don't know of anyone that free, or that willing to pose with it.

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