Sunday, March 14, 2010

march 13

sat. march 13. 2010.

hi, i'm charming and i like to fight and love to love. i usually look right but i usually go left, which usually means i'm going wherever i'm going and i'm going there blind. i'm ready to get hitched and i'm only eighteen and i need to get out of this mindset- i can't make anyone fall in love with me. i need to be. TO THE OCEAN. TO THE MOON. to the fields, to hills with purpled shadows, to sandy ponds, to the quietest corners of the soul. i think i'd find something in being alone as well as i could find something in being in love. willa cather, i want to be your antonia; i want to see what she saw and live what she lived. spring, come, release me, and summer complete me.

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